Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How do you achieve excellent results?

I was asked to write something the other day, anything. Then, suddenly, eureka, this came to me :

Over the years, I faced many challenges in my life, from small to the biggest one possible. But, somehow, I managed to overcome them with a simple philosophy in life. It is by BELIEVING IN MYSELF. For those who believe in God, it is like the saying, the Kingdom of Heaven or Hell is Within You or God is Within You.

It is by believing in myself( for agnostics and atheists) or believing in the God within me( for those who believe in God) that I managed to overcome various obstacles in my life.

When it came to my working life, nothing seemed impossible to me. Whatever challenges that I faced or were given, I managed to overcome them with nothing short of EXCELLENT RESULTS. But, I never really pondered how until that moment when I was asked to write something. Then, something from within me flowed....

Nothing was impossible for me because I set my mind, my heart and my very Soul on the task or challenge at hand. I believed in myself and perhaps, more importantly, I decided to overcome the challenge for the greater good of the company, seeing how it would benefit the company.

And this is what I found : when you set your mind, heart and Soul on something, believed in yourself and worked for the greater good of humanity, the hands of God or Nature assists.......then, your results are nothing but EXCELLENT....

So, immaterial of what job you do or how tough it is, do not ever give up. Set your whole being on the task, giving it your ALL, believe that you would achieve what you want or desire and work for the overall good of humanity, you would definitely achieve EXCELLENT results...like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many others...

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