Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Discover the secrets of Ireland

Ireland is considered to be the largest island in the whole of Europe. There are many exciting things to do, see and learn in this country. Check out the historical castles, national monuments and various cultural heritages. Among the historical castles, the Newgrange or Bru Na Broinne is not to be missed.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site was built around 3200BC. Apart from being one of the world's oldest astronomically aligned monuments, it gives a breathtaking sight during the winter solstice. Lakelands, Waterford, Kilkenny, Galway and Dublin's Doorstep are some of the foremost destinations in Ireland.

If you are worried about getting around, you can rest assured. Simply rent one of the cars from Dublin car rental services. You might be able to negotiate and get a good price if you rent the car for a few weeks.

Driving around the country areas of Ireland is not difficult. Stop and eat as you please. Go wherever you want, whenever you feel like doing so. Indeed, renting a car seems like a wise move. It gives you and your family the perfect chance to discover the secrets and natural beauty of Ireland and enjoy everything that is purely Irish.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Open source software & its solutions-Ron Bongo

Have you heard of open source software before? Do you know the benefits of using such software? Ron Bongo, the CEO of Corra Technology or CorraTech believes that you save a huge amount of money by using open source solutions.

For example, he mentions about a recent transaction of a particular software license from a traditional business intelligence software vendor, which was sold for more than $100,000. Instead,  JasperSoft, an open source business intelligence software, only cost around $20,000. By using Jasper, Ron Bongo says that you can customize, integrate and build much more into a project as a whole.

Apart from having more than two decades of working experience in technology, management consulting and finance, Ron Bongo also has experience in overseeing key projects for Fortune 1000 companies. He implemented seven figure cost-down strategies for  Honeywell, ABB, Toys R Us, Matsushita and others.

Jerry Murdock & Insight Venture Partners

Jerry Murdock is the Managing Director of Insight Venture Partners. He is the co-founder of this company. Although this company was only established in 1995 but, it is a leading private equity and venture capital firm now.

It focuses mainly on global software, internet and data services industries. Apart from helping this company to raise more than $3billion US dollars, Jerry Murdock is also active as a director for other companies like DivX Inc (NASDAQ:DIVX), Click Commerce (NASDAQ:CKCM), Convergent Group (NASDAQ:CVGP),Peace Software, Quest Software (NASDAQ:QSFT) and SeeBeyond Technology Corp (NASDAQ:SBYN).

Before joining Insight Venture Partners, Jerry Murdock worked as a director for  Aspen Technology Group. He was also one of the founders of this company. Currently, he is a member of the Board of Trustees of both The Santa Fe Institute and The Aspen Institute. Prior to that, he worked at the Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies in export competitiveness projects.
One of his works was published in The Export Competitive Series called as Comparative Analysis of Export Policy, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Canada and Japan.

Alex Crisses Insight Venture Partners

Alex Crisses has a number of  outstanding achievements. He graduated with a high distinction in Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School Boston, MA as a George F. Baker Scholar.

For his basic degree, Alex Crisses graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School Philadelphia, PA. He was the recipient of Dean’s Award for Excellence, The Wharton School’s Top Honor. Apart from his academic qualifications, he was also active as a varsity tennis player in University of Pennsylvania.

Currently, Alex Crisses is working as a principal with focus on infrastructure software and internet investments for Insight Venture Partners. He is also actively involved in non-profit organizations like Minds Matter. Minds Matter helps good students from high schools from low-income groups to realize their college and career dreams.

Alex Crisses sets a really good example of an all-rounder, sports, work, education and helping society.

Blue Goose News-Andrew Wilshire

Have you ever heard of Andrew Wilshire? Combining his ability and experience in financial planning with the power of internet marketing, he has created a storm in the worldwide web.

Andrew Wilshire is the owner of Worth Bullion Group, which gives an opportunity for private investors to invest money in precious metals using a computerized platform. With such a platform, investors have access to real-time information for investing in precious metals. The website,  also gives investment advice and information for those who are interested in precious metal investment.

Andrew Wilshire 's latest venture and dream is Blue Google News. His intention is to create a meeting point or social networking site for business people worldwide. Blue Google News would also give comprehensive business news and a versatile interactive tool.

Send flowers for any occasion-1800flowers

After rushing day in and day out for work and other important chores, you may forget about sending special gifts for events such birthdays and anniversaries.

To make things easier, set reminders in your computer's calendar for birthdays of loved ones. So, when a person's birthday approaches, it just a matter of spending a few minutes to surf the worldwide. Websites like 1800flowers has various creative designs of flower bouquets for birthdays.

The same goes for anniversaries. Order, pay and arrange for delivery of your favorite gifts from 1800flowers. This online company even has special creative designs of baby gifts that cater to both parents and baby for the birth of newborn babies.

Save time, energy and perhaps, money on gas by purchasing your gifts from the virtual flower company, 1800flowers in today 's busy world.