Friday, March 5, 2010

Open source software & its solutions-Ron Bongo

Have you heard of open source software before? Do you know the benefits of using such software? Ron Bongo, the CEO of Corra Technology or CorraTech believes that you save a huge amount of money by using open source solutions.

For example, he mentions about a recent transaction of a particular software license from a traditional business intelligence software vendor, which was sold for more than $100,000. Instead,  JasperSoft, an open source business intelligence software, only cost around $20,000. By using Jasper, Ron Bongo says that you can customize, integrate and build much more into a project as a whole.

Apart from having more than two decades of working experience in technology, management consulting and finance, Ron Bongo also has experience in overseeing key projects for Fortune 1000 companies. He implemented seven figure cost-down strategies for  Honeywell, ABB, Toys R Us, Matsushita and others.

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