Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Death of Steve Jobs - Apple iPad,iPhone,iPod -My Tribute

I am sad to learn about the Death of a true genius, the inventor of Apple iPad and iPhone, Steve Jobs.

I did think that he might die soon after reading about his long leave of absence from Apple. I did not mean to think that way. The thought sort of came to me that he may die soon. Somehow, Apple would not be the same any longer; the iPads, the iPhones, etc would not be the same anymore. I think that they might lack 'something', I do not know.

When I first read his biography, I was amazed by his inner courage, strength and determination to go on inventing in spite of his failing health. He did not need the money, his health was ailing and yet, the passion and drive was there. This very passion and drive made Apple what it is today, from a flagging company to a world-renowned company.

I thought to myself, "How could he go on working, go on inventing with all the pain and agony inside due to his illness?" I do not think that I would have had such strength and such will to do so. It is pure passion, drive and inner strength, and perhaps, grace from God. How else do you explain his determination to go on inventing, go on improving Apple products in spite of all the pain and suffering inside of him?

All I can say is, "May God Rest His soul: R.I.P Steve Jobs, wherever you are. Thank you for your amazing contribution to this world at large. More importantly, thank you for the amazing example of inner courage, strength, determination, passion, drive and intelligence. I salute you as the inventor of Apple iPads and iPhones. More importantly, I salute you as an amazing example of a pillar of inner strength, courage, determination, passion and drive. Let your example be a motivator for my life too".

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