Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to choose the best freelancing rate

I am tired of some people asking for a low rate per article. If you intend to pay the price of peanuts for an article, expect to get that level of quality. Why do people expect perfect grammar, spelling and good quality content for the price of peanuts?

Money is important for freelancers. That is how I make my living. How do you expect me to survive if I am paid the price of peanuts per article? With much 'respect to peanuts' for their nutritional value, high quality content comes with a price.

Making money as a freelancer does not seem easy these days. Sigh...There are requests for 500 word articles for the price of US1 Dollar these days. If you search in Bing, Google or Yahoo, you can find a number of people who offer such a price.

So, what is the best freelancing rate for a 100, 200, 300, 400 or 500-word article? Is it US2 Dollars for a 100- word article or much higher? I think that aspects like writing background, years of experience and level of education should be taken into account for setting the best freelancing rate.

What is your chosen rate? Are you selling yourself short?

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