Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Jobseekers and employers-American Career Group

Are you out of a job? If you are currently unemployed, spend some time to read the article on surviving unemployment, which is available in the website of American Career Group. In fact, there are various resources specifically for job seekers like interview tips, resume writing tips and cover letter writing tips.

American Career Group even provides an estimate of 200 free industry magazines for improving your knowledge and keeping track of the latest news and information about the relevant industries. To put it briefly, this company has a wide network of employers, recruiters and jobseekers, catering to various sectors like administration, office and clerical, healthcare, customer service, sales and sales management and information technology.

 By using the ACG Index, American Career Group is able to find the most suitable match for any particular position without making any mistake. It also carries out  pre-screening of candidates like criminal background checks, educational and previous working experience verifications. In other words, employers save much time, energy and most probably, money. It is simply a matter of conducting a brief interview to finalize the candidate for the required position.

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