Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Economic recession-is it really ‘ALL’ bad?

Currently, the economic recession is really bad. It may even get much worse. Is there any light in this darkness? I wonder.

Due to the economic recession, there are people who work harder at finding ways to make money…lots of brainstorming. And there are others who think of ways to cut costs and save money. Such things are happening for survival. In life, it is only when we face obstacles that we suddenly find new ideas and ways to solve problems. In other words, there could be something truly positive which comes out from this ‘gloom’.

There is another important effect of the recession. It makes some people pause and think back of the wastage. When the economy was really good, some people may have wasted much food and other necessary items which other people in other parts of the world needed. Is there a lesson to learn from this recession?

Life is a continual cycle of rebirth and death in the literal sense…for our own good.

PS- For those of you who are wondering if you have seen this post before, yes, you have done so before. I posted this at before. This blog is not active anymore.....

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